3 Pumpkin Froyo Sundaes For Halloween

Posted by bmedia on Monday, October 30, 2017

Frenzi Frozen Yogurt_3 Pumpkin Froyo Sundaes For Halloween

Halloween is finally here! It’s officially time to dress up your children so they can prowl the streets in search of candy. Or, it’s officially time to dress yourself up in preparation for a big party, or, it’s officially time to open a bag of bite-size Snickers and await the merry hordes of trick-or-treaters. Or maybe it’s just officially time for some frozen yogurt. We opt for the latter, and here’s three awesome pumpkin froyo sundae ideas to prove it.

Pumpkin Mocha Cake—Come to the dark side of frozen yogurt DIY blends with a heavy gush of chocolate, topped with equally heavy pulls of cake batter and pumpkin froyo. Top with Twix and crushed Oreos. Make it extra terrifying with a few brownie pieces scattered on top.

The Coconut Pumpkin Cream Pie—Equal parts pumpkin, vanilla, graham cracker and coconut milk froyo make this sundae a Halloween must. Top the tower with a dusting of dried coconut for an authentic cream pie experience. Go over the top with a scattering of KitKat pieces.

The Halloween Classic—This is the easiest froyo sundae imaginable. Add to one heaping cup of pumpkin froyo: peanut M&Ms, gummi worms, Reese’s Pieces, Butterfinger pieces, mini gummi bears and Snickers. That, my friends, is Halloween night in one cup of unforgettable froyo.

For more dessert inspiration, visit Frenzi Frozen Yogurt’s menu, and have fun and safe Halloween!

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