Frozen Yogurt TV Moments We Love

Posted by bmedia on Monday, November 6, 2017

Frenzi Frozen Yogurt_Frozen Yogurt TV Moments We Love

Frozen yogurt has, through the years, made many famous appearances on some of our favorite tv shows. Since the froyo boom of the 90s collided with the current national infatuation with the frozen treat, parents and their kids can have very special and different pop culture references for frozen yogurt. Here are a few of our favorite special television appearances by froyo.

The Non-Fat Yogurt

Seinfeld, 1993 — When Kramer invests in a new froyo chain, Elaine, Jerry, and George are quickly hooked only to realize the froyo is not in fact low fat and they’ve been slowly gaining weight the whole episode.

The Fall

Grace and Frankie, 2015 — Jane Fonda’s Grace takes a fall on a frozen yogurt shop’s floor and blacks out imagining a world in which age has taken a deliberate toll on both Frankie and their ex-husbands. Jane Fonda + froyo + physical comedy = win

Frozen Yoghurt

Veep, 2012 — Our favorite fictional VP, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Selina Meyer, decides to mix with “normal people” at a local frozen yogurt shop helmed by three generations of black businessmen, but the results are borderline disastrous and totally hilarious.

Skimpy’s Frozen Yogurt

Saturday Night Live, 1996 — Roseanne at the peak of her sitcom fame helms this skit about a frozen yogurt shop whose products are too good to be true.

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