Heat Wave Cool Down Tips

Posted by bmedia on Friday, August 11, 2017

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Summer is here with a vengeance! As we cruise into August and the summer heat peaks, temperatures are lingering in the triple digits, driving folks out of their home in search of ways to keep cool.  The stifling heat can get you down, but if you have a few tricks up your sleeve you can beat the heat, no problem!

Try a cooling towel – Microfiber cooling towels maintain their cooler temps, even when worn around the neck in direct sun. One of these smart neckerchiefs keeps cool for hours, even when the wearer is sweating it out in direct sunlight.

Mist yourself – Small misting bottles, or even bargain spray bottles, can be filled with ice and water to create a cooling mist that will easily help bring your temperature down. Pro tip: mist yourself while settled in front of a fan for maximum relief from the heat.

Treat yourself to something really cool – A towering cup of frozen yogurt, topped with fresh fruit and enjoyed in our cozy climate controlled shop! Hot summer days and creamy cups of ice cold froyo go hand in hand, so make sure you’ve got one in your hand when the temperature starts to skyrocket!

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