There’s Something For Everyone At Frenzi

Posted by bmedia on Friday, September 1, 2017

Frenzi Frozen Yogurt_Frozen Yogurt Day

Planning an outing with your squad can be a trying task when everyone’s tastes are so varied. Friend number one has a dairy intolerance, friend number two is limiting sugar, friend number three is a milkshake fanatic and you just want to build a sky-high tower of frozen yogurt and toppings. There is, in fact, a spot where you, your friends and all their diverse tastes can congregate and enjoy a desert date together – Frenzi Frozen Yogurt.

Frenzi is more than just Gresham’s favorite frozen yogurt shop, it is also a full-service ice cream counter, churning out frothy milkshakes and grandiose waffle cones. Our wide selection of froyo includes non-dairy and no sugar added options as well as all your favorite traditional flavors, plus seasonal choices. Our toppings run the gamut from fresh seasonal fruit to all your favorite candy bars and sweets.

So whether your finicky pals prefer slurping shakes or lapping sugar cones, each of you will have your dessert desires met in a spectacular way. Next time you’re in charge of planning an outing for your crew plan a trip to Frenzi.

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