Why Winter Is The Best Time For Ice Cream

Posted by bmedia on Monday, December 18, 2017

Frenzi Frozen Yogurt_Why Winter Is The Best Time For Ice Cream

Sure, our outdoor temperatures may be getting closer and closer to freezing, but that doesn’t diminish our desire for frosty sweet treats — in fact in only enhances them! We suggest that winter may be the best season of all to enjoy frozen yogurt, and we even have a few well-thought-out reasons to support this suggestion.

Ice cream and froyo won’t melt when you enjoy them on cold winter days. Go ahead, enjoy that ice cream cone as you stroll through Historic downtown Gresham — you won’t have to worry about it melting and running halfway down your arm today!

The winter months bring the best seasonal flavors. Eggnog, peppermint, cinnamon, and more — seasonal flavors are at their peak during the long winter months, so let’s take advantage of all these amazing flavors while they’re here.

You need those extra calories in the winter when your body burns considerably more keeping up your core temperature. Furthermore, that “winter layer” could be just the thing that keeps you comfortable this cold season.

Seasonal Affective Disorder can affect us all, sometimes in the subtlest of ways, but an easy way to counteract the blues is with a serving of ice cream or froyo. Scientific studies have found that even one scoop of vanilla ice cream can instantly turn your mood around.

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